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Introduction Introduction

MyAeroClubTM is your 100% cloud-based Flying Club Booking system / All-in-One Flying Club solution. Just think about the fact that your administrator, secretary, committee members, your instructors and your members can access your club's database from anywhere. Each member has access to its personal details and the Booking System. Committee members have access to additional features.

MyAeroClubTM is a modular Flying Club Software system, allowing you to start low budget with a club-website and add modules one-by-one as required. It is:
  • very comprehensive
  • very easy to drive
  • very affordable

MyAeroClubTM provides website publication in combination with many club member and administration tools and features. This includes members' access for: personal details updating, viewing personal flight details and a sophisticated on-line aircraft booking system.

MyAeroClubTM also includes various administration tools to manage all your "behind the scenes" activities, like:
  • Members database
  • Website contents management
  • Website hit-count view
  • Members flights details for accounts processing
  • Aircraft flights' statistics
  • and lots more...
Main Features

  • Public website
  • Members' login
    • Update your own contact details
    • View your flight log details
    • Download restricted information (e.g. minutes)
  • Multi-level management login for different tasks
    • Members' management
    • Flights logging
    • Flights analysis for selected month
    • Flight hours for each pilot (per month) for accounts
    • Change content of public pages (CRM)
    • Upload public documents
    • Upload members only access documents
    • Group email to: all members, committee, instructors, or other group
    • Other clubs contact details dbase
  • No need making backups (we'll take care of that)
  • Free updates
  • Very easy to use

MyAeroClubTM is a modular system. The basic system configuration includes a public club website with 8 pages.

The following modules can be added:
  • Members database & management
  • Members Email System
  • Aircraft Booking System
  • Aircraft Flights Accounting System
  • Aircraft Flights Analysis
  • Buy online Trial Flight Vouchers
  • Buy online Shop
... and more!

Feedback and additional requirements from various clubs is helping us to improve MyAeroClubTM all the time, resulting in free updates and upgrades.

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Screen shots

Our Flying Club Software MyAeroClubTM is very easy to use. It is based on a user interface you will get used to very quickly, one that won't leave you searching for help. This as we separate tasks and tools onto pages and tabs, grouped by functionality, and represented graphically with eye catching menu icons and easy-to-understand text labels.

MyAeroClubTM - the best Flying Club Software for you!

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