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Please note that this list of features is a summary included in all modules.
  • The website contains 8 public pages.
    The contents of each page (text and photos) can be modified by yourself (after a secure login with a username and password) using our Pages Content Management System, or can be taken care of by us as required.
    Pages may include links to other pages and other websites.
  • Booking System (accessable by all members)
    • Make a booking of an aircraft with or without an instructor of your choice
    • Allow instructors to specify unavailable days (e.g. never on Sat, Sun, etc. or not on specified date range)
    • Block bookings for pilots that are not current (BFR, Medical, etc)
    • Define availability of aircraft (being in service or not)
    • Specify First and Last booking hour
  • Multi-level Management system
    A Master Administrator (e.g. the secretary) can assign each member of your club a dedicated access level in combination with their personal username and password.
    Access levels include:
    • Member
      • Update your contact details
      • Update your preferences
      • Update your licence details
      • Update your subscription details
      • Update your aircraft ratings
      • View your flight log details
      • Download restricted club information (e.g. minutes and other non-public information)
    • Higher level of administrators (e.g. other committee members)
      • Update any member's details
      • Create new members
      • Expired members stay in the database in case they renew.
      • Flights analysis for selected month
      • Flights hours for each pilot for selected month
      • Upload public documents
      • Upload restricted access documents (members only)
      • Email all members or selected members (e.g. committee, instructors)
    • Website Administrator
      • Change content of public pages (text and photos)
    • Treasurer
      • Flights log entry
      • Dates and flown hours for each member, plus total hours for the selected month.
      • Number of flights and hours for each instructor.
      • Number of Trial Flights for the selected month.
  • Very affordable
  • Modular
  • Multi-user access
  • Very easy to use interface
  • No need making backups
  • Free improvements/updates


MyAeroClubTM is a modular system, so you can start at a low buget configuration and expand your features as required.
The basic system configuration includes 8 public club web pages.

The following modules can be added to the standard system:
  1. Pages Content Management system
  2. Members database and Management - by administrator and individual members
  3. Email system, emailing all or selected members
  4. Flights Accounting System - logging and accounts info
  5. Flights Analysis
  6. Aircraft Booking System
  7. Buy online Trial Flight Vouchers - e.g. 30, 45 and 60 minutes
  8. Buy online Shop
  9. Dbase backup - monthly
  10. Other: we can create and add modules to suite your specific requirements.

Interested? Interested?

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